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weblight gold serviceWeblight Gold Care Service.weblight gold service

The perfect solution for peace of mind when it comes to your residential property's electrical safety.

Weblight Electrical Projects Ltd would like to offer Landlords and Home owners complete electrical safety with our electrical Gold Care Service.

The electrics in your property can let you down, fail to work properly and cause your property to be unsafe and possibly dangerous for you or your tenants.

The Weblight Gold Care Service offers an emergency callout option for homeowners and landlords, where we will attend an electrical problem within 24 hours or sooner, depending on the nature and severity of the problem.

These types of emergencies can cost hundreds of pounds per callout, but with the Weblight Gold Care Service, we will attend and make your property safe and/or repair any faults for a fixed monthly fee, spreading the costs of callouts and in most instances making it the less costly option to ensure your tenants and property's safety.

A Small Monthly Fee

For the monthly cost of ONLY £24.99 Weblight Gold Care Service gives you the guarantee of 3 emergency call outs per year, which includes all labour costs and parts up to £50.00 per call out too!

Landlords! 50% off your 5 year EICR as part of being a member of our Weblight Gold Care Service family.


  • One monthly fee

  • 3 Emergency call outs per year

  • £50 worth of parts included

  • 50% off EICR inspection

Register for your Weblight Gold Care Service.

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This will be the date you wish your Weblight Gold Care Service to commence. First monthly payment must be made before this date.
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Terms Of Service

Weblight Electrical Projects Limited offer this service on a minimum 12 month contract. Upon completing and submitting the form along with your first payment, you are thereby agreeing to these terms, where if you should decide to stop the service, a payment may be required if payments have been stopped before the end of the initial 12 month term.

(example: 7 months cancellation - remaining term of 5 months must be settled in full at £124.95)

Once the initial payment has been made for the Weblight Gold Care Service, a period of 14 days must pass before any work can be carried out under the policy.

The policy includes 3 emergency callouts with parts up to £50 per emergency callout on an annual basis.

Property change of address or additions: These must be submitted and changed at the time of purchase or sale, a failiure to do this can see the policy being void on any new properties not listed within your policy. Updating this can be done by contacting us via our contact form. Any updates will require proof of ownership before the property can be covered (current utility bill to policy holder).

Access: Customer is responsible for providing unmitigated access to the work area. This includes moving any furnishings, wall-hangings, or other items which could prevent Weblight Electrical Services Limited from carrying out the listed services.

Additional materials: If Weblight Electrical Projects Limited discovers a need for additional time or materials once the work has commenced, Weblight Electrical Projects Limited will seek approval prior to continuing work.

At the end of 12 months the contract becomes a rolling contract. This can be cancelled at anytime with 1 months notice of termination.

Weblight Electrical Projects Limited is a business registered in England and Wales. The company is fully insured and certified to carry out all electrical maintenance work at both domestic and commercial properties.

NICIEC approved
NICIEC domestic approved electrician